Due Diligence Checklist

We understand how confusing it can be buying your first piece of land, and we want you to know that we are here to help!  Please call us to discuss owning rural land, once we know what your vision is we can help you find the perfect lot.  

Here is the checklist we use when determining whether or not to move forward with a property. 

* No property, home or land, should be bought without proper due diligence by the buyer.  Do not let someone sell you a piece of land without you first completing this checklist. *


Due Diligence Checklist:

Ask the Seller:
√ Is there legal road access to the property?
√ Are the pictures in the ad of the actual property?
√ What is the terrain of the lot?

Call the County Assessor’s Office: 
√ Confirm APN or Parcel ID
√ Confirm acreage
√ Obtain a plat map, check the location of the lot

Ask the County Tax Collector/Treasurer’s Office:
√ Are there any outstanding taxes?
√ What are the property taxes per year?

Call County Recorder’s Office:
√ Check for Liens
√ Confirm Legal Description
√ Confirm ownership of the property with the county

Call the Planning & Zoning Department:
√ Understand the zoning rules; what can be done or built on the property?
(i.e. Are there restrictions on camping?  Is there a minimum building size?)  

 *We can help you ask the right questions, call us for help! 

Consult Google Maps/Earth or the County’s GIS Maps: 
√ Confirm there is road access to the property yourself

Check “Comps” (comparable property prices):
√ Confirm estimated retail pricing of the land using site such as LandWatch,           
        LandandFarm, Landmodo, Zillow.
*Don’t be afraid to tell the seller what you found & negotiate down if the price is higher than the comps.