What Can I Do with My Land?

All of our properties are zoned for Agriculture, Mining, Recreation, and Residential.  Depending on the specific zoning of the parcel, you can farm/ranch, hunt/fish, camp/RV, ride quads/ATVs, park a manufactured home or a tiny house, or even build your permanent dream home!

Does the Property Have Utilities?

The rural properties we select usually do not have utilities, they are perfect for off-grid living today!  If a property does have utilities, it will be clearly stated in the ad.

Can I Tour the Property First?

Absolutely!  Most of our properties for sale are unsecured and can be visited by anyone with the coordinates.  We encourage you to visit the land if you want to, but we make every attempt to create a realistic virtual view of the property for those unable to travel.
Keep in mind nothing is “locked in” until you’ve paid a deposit, so if you do plan on traveling it may be in your best interest to pay a deposit (covered by our 90-day Guarantee) to ensure no one buys the property out from under you while you are making arrangements to travel out there.

How Does the Guarantee Work?

We want you to be just as happy as all the rest of our customers, we want you to feel free, and proud of your ownership.  If for some reason you are not 100% satisfied within the first 90 days of ownership we will refund your purchase price in full, or allow you to exchange for another parcel in our current inventory.
Even if you have taken advantage of our owner-financing, we still extend the same piece-of-mind to you; we will refund your deposit + any payments you’ve made within the first 90 days from signing.
Just reach out to us within the first 90 days, let us know you are not happy and we will reverse the exchange.  No questions asked (well, we might ask a couple questions to try to understand if this is something we can avoid in future transactions, but you are under no obligation to answer any of our questions!  No matter your answers, you will be refunded.)

How Much are Taxes?

All our properties for sale are current with taxes.
We list the annual tax rate on each property’s posting.

Is Title Insurance Available?

Yes!  All of our land for sale is free and clear of any liens or encumbrances so title insurance is always available.

Do I Need an Attorney or Real Estate Agent?

We’ve done our best to simplify the buying process, our contracts are straightforward and easy to read.  If you find at any time you would be more comfortable hiring outside help we encourage you to do so, but we’ve tried to make the process easy for most to understand without the extra cost of hiring an Attorney or Agent.

What is Closing Like Without an Agent?

Simple.  It takes about 2 weeks to close with our streamlined process.
Whether you are paying cash or taking advantage of owner-financing, once we receive payment we will send the deed packet to you to sign electronically using Docusign.com.  This packet will include then Purchase and Sales Agreement, and for our financed clients, your Land Contract and Promissory Note.
If you are paying cash we will send your Warranty Deed to the county for recording, and once recorded, we will mail you the original deed for your files.
If financing, once you sign the documents you’ll be set up for automatic monthly payments.  After final payment is made, we will go through the same closing process as our cash customers, at which point you will own the land free and clear!

What are the Requirements for Owner-Financing?

Because we own each piece of land we have for sale, Land of the Free is able to offer financing to anyone who seeks it.  We leave it up to you to decide how much property you can afford and how you want to pay for it.  We feel some arbitrary number shouldn’t determine your life choices, and therefore we won’t even run your credit.
Just make a down-payment you are comfortable with, pay your monthly installments, and the property is yours.
We are flexible with our terms in order to help almost everyone realize their dream to own their own Land of the Free.  For more info on seller financing, please click HERE.

Anything Else I Should Know About Buying Land?

When purchasing any real estate, it is important to do your due diligence.  The best place to research a property is on the county website, or by calling them directly.  If you are not sure what you should ask, tell them just that!  they can help you understand what it takes to realize your dream for the property, and point you in the right direction for help with other areas of concern.
Some thing I like to consider when I am researching a property are:
~ Lot Size     ~ Access     ~ Zoning          ~ Utilities     ~ Taxes     ~ Lien

-Click Here for Our Due Diligence Checklist-