Land Of The Free

Hi, I’m Sara!
I buy and sell dirt 🙂

I used to travel full-time in my SUV.
I had dreamed of my own piece of the earth to pull up on after a long stint on the road.
I thought it’d be so comforting to know there was a place I could go to where I didn’t have to worry about anyone telling me that I couldn’t park there or that I had to pay to stay.
Just my own private campsite, always there waiting for me.

When my travel money ran out I tried to get myself some land, only for the banks to tell me I couldn’t get a loan unless I had building permits.  I tried to explain that I didn’t want to build, and they tried to explain that they didn’t care.
So I found a job caretaking a ranch here in Vegas and vowed to save up enough to buy myself some land.  Screw those banks!

But then I would lay awake at night thinking about what that meant.
Being a lover of the great outdoors and being drawn to open spaces; I started to realize that if people like me couldn’t get land, and the only ones who could were the ones with permits in hand, we’re going to run out of vacant land sooner than later.
This troubled me.
So I took all the money I had saved up for my own piece of land and I spent it on learning everything I could about buying and selling land.

I found out there are a whole lot of people out there with land they don’t want and haven’t been able to sell (because the real estate agents aren’t trying to mess around with listings that banks won’t loan on), and there was a whole ‘nother  group of people who wanted to buy land but couldn’t pay cash.
Now I play matchmaker to all those people who want to sell and all those people who want to buy. (And I now have a couple lots that I can park on whenever I need to get out of from under these Vegas lights!)

Baby season is my favorite season!

If I ever have any typos, I blame Sawyer

Taking a break to talk land

My favorite place to live

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