Seller Financing

Because most banks won’t loan on land unless there are permits in place to build, many people find themselves out of luck if they want to own and hold land as an investment.

I’ve found most of our customers are hard working Americans who just want a little piece of land they can use for recreation, maybe they’ll build on it in the future, but for now they just want to camp.
This is why I offer seller-financing.
By keeping costs low I am able to accept low monthly payments and provide many folks with a legacy to leave their families for generations to come.

Financing Documents
Each of these documents will be prepared for you and sent via email for electronic signature using DocuSign.

  • Purchase & Sales Agreement:
    Outlines the mutually agreed upon terms such as the purchase price, payment amounts, interest rate, etc.
    This will also reflect any down payment and act as receipt of such.
  • Promissory Note:
    Your agreement to pay the monthly payments.
  • Land Contract:
    This grant you access to enjoy the land while you are making payments on it.
    There’s also some things to protect the property, like you promise not to dump toxic waste on it and stuff.
    This contract states that once the Promissory Note is paid off ownership will be conveyed to you by way of Deed.


Fun Facts

  • No Pre-Payment Penalty
    We encourage early pay-offs and even provide discounts for it!
  • No Credit Reporting
    If you can no longer make your payments we will simply take the land back; we don’t report to the credit agencies or file foreclosures against you.